Sandeep Gupta – B2B and SaaS SEO Consultant

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170% increase in Organic Conversions for a Cloud Storage based SaaS Company

This cloud-based SaaS company operating in cloud storage approached me in February 2023 after struggling to get enough traffic and conversions.

They were a completely new brand, and they published content based on recommendations from their SEO provider.

Having seen no results, we started working together from the beginning, and since then, the website has almost doubled in organic clicks and a 170% increase in Platform Signups.

Case Study - SaaS SEO


  • Low Organic Conversions
  • Low on Traffic
  • Low Branded Searches
  • Ignoring Technical SEO
  • Lack of content strategy
  • Low Quality Links


  • Targetted commercial keywords.
  • Created shareable, valuable content.
  • Built a strong online reputation.
  • Improved Crawling / indexing
  • Built Strong Buyer persona.
  • Backlinks on Niche Specific websites.

After Successful Implementation of my SEO Strategy, we were able to achieve the following results:

  • High-Quality Content = Interest, Engagement, and Shares.
  • Increased Brand Awareness = Name on Search Bars.
  • Clean Website Structure = Efficient Crawling & Indexing.
  • Consistent, Targeted Content = Solving User Pain Points.
  • Relevant, Authoritative Backlinks = Boosted Domain Trust.
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